Five Social Media Pointers

If you only remember five things regarding your Social Networking efforts, remember the following:
  1. Always remember to MIND YOUR MANNERS on all of your Social Networks. Say “Thank You” to those who post/comment on your page, mention you or your business, participate in your contests, and those who point out errors. When you make an error (because it will happen- NOBODY is perfect no matter how hard we try), apologize and move on. Be courteous and gracious, respectful and honest.
  2. Be yourself. It is easy to tell when somebody is being dishonest or fake, and nobody wants to connect with somebody they feel might use them, take advantage of them, or swindle them!
  3. Think of Social Networking like a cocktail party.  It is a chance to chat with people who share your interests- maintain your friendliness. People are always more likely to buy from a friend than a stranger, so be a friend!
  4. Never forget what Social Media is all about- connecting. Sure, ROI is always nice (and eventually will come from Social Networking… if you’re patient) but if you push the sale of your products or services through your Social Networks, people will simply stop following your posts. People hang up on telemarketers during dinner, and if you turn people’s social networks into your personal advertising venue, people will “hang up” on your networks.
  5. Be reliable and accessible. Once you start to build a following on your social networks, people will expect you to be there. Develop a plan of action including how often you will post, and stick to it. Try to sign online daily- if somebody asks you a question, they aren’t going to want to wait for an answer. Signing on every day allows people to count on you and be sure they will get an answer to their questions.

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