A Lot Is Happening!

Who would’ve thought that my business would actually succeed?? I know, I know, there are MANY of you who knew from the beginning that, if I dedicated myself to something (specifically SB Media), that it would, without a doubt, take off (I’m ready for the “I knew it all along!” comments that are bound to come after this post goes live). I, however, had inklings of concern that, in this economy, my lowly business would bring in occasional income, but not a salary, and certainly not enough work to need more employees. Well, so much for my inklings!

SB Media Online, LLC has gained some large and wonderful clients (two of which are out in Southern California), with whom I am EXTREMELY excited to work. The work load has grown so rapidly that I have found it necessary to take on some help- I have already found a potential intern (free help- NICE) and a potential partner. Luckily, the partner I plan to take on is somebody I trust absolutely, both professionally and personally, and has interest and skills in this particular field, not to mention experience- what would that be? A quintuple threat? Maybe a sextuple? Regardless, definitely a huge benefit!!

In my personal life, Josh, Ginger and I have had lots of ups and downs… Josh hit a deer with the Probe and totaled it (down). We bought a new car (a Volkswagon GTI that Josh ADORES) to replace the Probe (up). Josh bought the Probe back from the insurance company to fix it and the Probe has stolen my garage space (I vote down, Josh votes up). Ginger graduated Puppy School at the top of her class (WICKED UP) and was voted Most Likely to Take Over the World, Most Likely to Become a Beauty Queen, Most Athletic, Most Likely to Graduate Advanced, Funniest, AND Overall Class Favorite (I have the best doggy in the whole world!!). I had all four wisdom teeth removed (WICKED DOWN). I didn’t swell from my wisdom teeth, and the liquid diet caused me to lose a little extra insulation (up). The weather has been GORGEOUS (up). Ginger enjoys the gorgeous weather by digging up the backyard (I vote HYSTERICAL, Josh votes mortifying, frustrating, horrible… need I go on?). Ginger is getting more and more comfortable here with us and her anxiety has seemed to finally subside (up up up!). Her comfort has brought out some new behavior that is NOT good, i.e. jumping, chasing things (down). We are going to Orlando FL for vacation in April (up!).

As you can tell, we’ve had a LOT going on, both good and bad, mostly good, but hopefully things will settle down soon so I can GET SOME SLEEP!

One comment

  1. Hey Whip,

    Glad to hear your doing so well with your company. Remember…if you didn’t have the downs in life you wouldn’t know what an up is. It’s part of the whole cycle of life thing and how we handle the journey.

    I love and miss you very much, Pops

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