It’s been a year…

About a month ago, Josh and I celebrated our One Year Anniversary. People say the first year is the hardest; if it is the hardest, the next sixty years are going to be CAKE!! We have so much fun together. We lean on each other. We can be ourselves with each other. I know that no matter what, he will make it all better, even if the only thing he can do to “fix it” is give me a hug. That hug works every time 🙂

We’ve had an exciting year apart from the wedding. I moved from San Diego to Florida. We got a little puppy (who is not so little anymore… she’s weighing close to sixty pounds!!). I started a business (which is doing quite well). We took a trip to Orlando (I don’t care what anyone says- Disney World is REALLY for adults, so embrace the fun and leave the kiddos behind). I finally got HEALTHY (no more tummy issues, wahoo!) and we’ve figured out how to LIVE together.

In the short term, I definitely took on too much this past weekend. We babysat for our friends’ four month old, Alice for the night on Thursday. While she is my sweet-pea-love-bug-adorable-little-munchkin-nugget, she is NOT a good sleeper. Who isn’t ready to be parents? Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Ball, that’s who. I really like getting a full eight hours of sleep and I am NOT ready to give that up. Unfortunately my biological clock is screaming at me and, even though I have PLENTY of time, it keeps hollering “babybabybabybabybabybabybaby” and I am constantly having to tell it “shush!” and it is NOT a good listener. So- babysat from Thursday at 1:00 pm until Friday at 8:00 pm. On Friday I also decided to hold a Willow House party. If you are unfamiliar with Willow House , you are missing out! But that meant I had to prepare for a party with a baby in arms. You don’t appreciate your appendages until you don’t have enough hands. The party did, however, turn out wonderfully and my girlfriends and I had a blast just hanging out. Saturday night we had the Navy Ball (pictures to come- parents, we have ordered prints for each of you) and, subsequently ended up staying up until 2:00 AM. Of course, with such a packed schedule, that meant that I caught a virus and was sick from Sunday to Monday, waking up much better on Tuesday morning after twelve hours of sleep.

I don’t expect our lives to slow down any time soon, but I figure if we’re going to be going full speed ahead, now is the best time to do it 🙂

By the way- I’m MAD that Glee isn’t going to air a new episode until November 1st, this season’s House is mediocre at best but will hopefully pick up, and I have just started watching The Sing Off (thanks to the suggestion of my financial advisor), which is a vocal competition of a cappella groups, and am completely in love with North Shore. If you haven’t seen the show, here they are singing Runaround Sue. They are five dads from Boston and KILL IT with EVERY song they sing! Here is their rendition of The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars and here is them singing Unchained Melody. LOVE THEM!


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