It’s a different kind of misery…

I have flown with Abigail by myself a LOT. Most recently, we flew back from Boston yesterday. While admittedly, most people in the airport and on the plane are VERY helpful and understanding, there are always a few that are exceptionally unpleasant.

I know it is incredibly awful to be stuck on a plane with a baby that cries incessantly. Horrible. Miserable. All you want to do is tell the parent(s) to get their act together while simultaneously sticking knives through your ears. Well let me tell you something: it may be unpleasant for you, but nobody feels worse and is more unhappy and miserable THAN THE PARENT OF THE CRYING BABY!!! The eye rolls, sighs, head shakes, and comments like “can’t you make them stop?” do not help. Don’t you think if I could make the crying stop, I would? If I’ve resorted to just rocking my child while letting them cry, it is safe to assume I have tried EVERYTHING else at my disposal to make them feel better. And on top of that, “you just shouldn’t fly anywhere until your baby is old enough to hold it together” is NOT a valid argument. Seriously people? If I didn’t HAVE to fly with her, I WOULDN’T!

So here is a word to the rest of you. The next time you’re stuck on an airplane with a crying baby, while I know it is excruciating (seriously, probably the worst thing in the world, I do not deny that), have a tiny bit of compassion. You don’t have to smile or be nice or offer to help, but keep the attitude and snark to yourself, put in some ear plugs, and say a prayer for the parent because their hell is a whole lot worse than yours.


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