Rollin’ Wit’ Ma Homies

It has been a while since I’ve posted, I know… I’m sure you have all been waiting with bated breath… (LOL) But anyway, I’m back. And I’m going to try and post at least semi-regularly (now THAT’S commitment for you haha).

Let’s talk about strollers… We own four. Yes, four. When I originally chose my stroller, I had planned on owning ONE. So much for that plan…

When your baby is an infant, you will likely want a stroller that their infant car seat clicks into.  Many brands offer stroller and carseat combos that are marketed specifically as “travel systems” but the strollers, while sufficient, were not what I was looking for, so I opted to find the best infant carseat for our family, and then find a stroller it was compatible with, instead of looking for a package deal, just because it was marketed as such.

We chose the Maxi Cosi Mico as our infant carseat. It is compatible with many strollers with an adaptor you buy separately. The first stroller I decided upon was the Quinny Buzz (link is to the newest version).

Quinny Buzz

There are a lot of things that I love about this stroller. It is SO easy to push, has awesome suspension, it is easy to fold and unfold (it has hydraulics in it so it unfolds on its own… yes, seriously), the seat can be attached forward facing or rear facing or removed entirely and replaced with the car seat, and they used to sell a front tire made for off-road use. First problem: they discontinued the tire before I could buy it so my All In One stroller dream went out the window pretty quickly. Second problem: Abby hates it. If your child throws a fit when they sit in it, all the benefits go out the window. It is slightly heartbreaking, because I still really love this stroller, it just did not work for us, and by us, I mean Abby.

I went back to the drawing board (and got a recommendation from an amazing friend- thanks Liz), and I checked out the Baby Jogger City Select.

Baby Jogger City Select

This stroller is awesome. Just watch the video on their website. In a nutshell, it is easy to push, easy to fold, has a nice big basket, and, best of all, it grows with your family. Instead of having to buy a double stroller, you can just buy another seat for the City Select and it becomes a double stroller. OR you can add the car seat adaptor and now your toddler and infant are in the stroller together. OR you add a board to the back and your preschooler can ride on the back while your other munchkin(s) are in the seat(s). The seats can face in multiple directions. It’s amazing! And of course it is compatible with our car seat (but as usual you have to buy the adapter separately). This is an amazing stroller that will grow with your family as you have more kids. It is NOT a lightweight stroller, but I LOVE it and so does Abigail.

Once I fell in love with the Baby Jogger brand, I bought their lightweight stroller called the City Mini.

Baby Jogger City Mini

The City Mini is a FANTASTIC lightweight solution without being uncomfortable to push like ALL UMBRELLA STROLLERS. It folds up with one hand (crucial when you have a baby, diaper bag, shopping bags, and no other adult), is light, easily carried, and is comfortable to push. Plus, the seat back lies completely flat so if your toddler happens to fall asleep in the stroller, you can lie the seat back and they can continue napping. OR if you need a quick place for a diaper change, you can lay the seat back and go to town. We have the four wheel option, but it is available in a three wheel version if you prefer. There is also the City Mini GT that has more bells and whistles. Since we already have the bells and whistles on the City Select, we chose the basic City Mini.

Last but certainly not least is my jogging stroller. I had a very hard time choosing between two: The BOB Revolution SE (everybody’s favorite) and the Thule Urban Glide (new kid on the block). To help with my decision, I borrowed a BOB from a friend. It was good, but it didn’t blow me away. While there wasn’t a ton of information on the Thule Urban Glide since it is a fairly new stroller, the test reviews I read were very positive. So I put it on our family Christmas list and we were very blessed to have received the Thule. Oh boy am I glad that I did!!! I LOVE MY THULE!!!!

Thule Urban Glide

It is a dream. I can push it effortlessly with one hand and maintain my stride with my other arm. The front wheel can lock, or remain on a swivel, depending upon whether I’m off-roading, or on the road. It folds up super easily. The handle height is adjustable so it is comfortable for both me and my 6’4″ husband to use. Abby loves it (she actually fell asleep in it and she had NEVER napped in a stroller before). And it has little extras that other joggers don’t have, including a seat back that lies almost flat (essentially unheard of on jogging strollers), a huge sunshade that has a transparent visor at the bottom so Abby is protected but can still see, and a basket underneath that is a great size AND has the ability to ZIP SHUT! Trail runs? Trips to the beach? Unexpected puddle while running? No problem- your sweatshirt, wallet, car keys, phone, etc, are all protected in the closed, water resistant basket. 🙂

Every family needs something different from a stroller. My biggest piece of advice is to go to a store and look, touch, try. Borrow from your friends. Think about how you live your every day life, how much you will use your stroller, and what it will primarily be used for. If you don’t run, you don’t need a jogger! Will you use it just for walks around the neighborhood, leaving it unfolded in your garage? Will you leave it in the trunk of your car to use when you’re out and about? How big is the trunk of your car? Do you live in a walking city and need an all around encompassing stroller to use all the time but that you’ll need to collapse and carry up stairs regularly? Will you baby-wear more often than you would use a stroller? How much do you want to spend? All of these questions will affect your stroller choice.

Most importantly, you don’t need four strollers. You don’t even need ONE stroller! You don’t need all the bells and whistles. You don’t need to spend a ton of money. You need a safe way to transport your baby and guess what- your arms do the job just fine. A stroller might make your life easier, but it definitely isn’t necessary. ❤



  1. Hi there! Out of curiosity, did you get the car seat adapter for the Thule Urban Glide and does it work with your Maxi Cosi seat? It is not listed as a compatible car seat on the Thule site, but I’m wondering if it might work in real life–unfortunately, no stores around here carry the stroller so I can’t test in real life.

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