Bath & Body Works Mini Candles

Another wonderful Influenster freebie that I received is a Bath and Body Works Mini Candle in Pumpkin Cupcake. I will tell you I am not super fond of “food” scents, despite them being my husband’s favorites. I usually gravitate towards “clean” scents (fresh cotton, spring breeze, etc.). As a dutiful Influenster Vox Box Recipient, I gave the candle a shot. One word: YUMMM! The scent wasn’t super overwhelming, and didn’t permeate the ENTIRE house, but it did smell wonderful! The scent just drifted lightly through the living room (where I had placed the candle). 

It didn’t take long for me to burn through the candle- not because the candle doesn’t last long, but because I consistently had it lit! I love these little guys. I can’t wait to head to Bath & Body Works to pick up some other scents to enjoy.

BB&W Mini Candles

Bath & Body Works Mini Candle


Goody’s Spin Pins

Ok, so I’m not usually one to enjoy “new” hair tools. I like the tried and true accessories: elastics, bobby pins, combs. I don’t generally branch out, and hesitate to try new gadgets. However, in the most recent Influenster box I received, I was sent Goody’s Spin Pins.

Goody Spin Pins

Now, I will admit I glared skeptically at every commercial or ad that I saw for Spin Pins, deciding that I would NOT spend a cent on something that I wasn’t convinced would work. My hair is fine, curly and straight at the same time, layered, and generally difficult to work with. Receiving Spin Pins for FREE? Of course I’ll give them a try!! Well, I pulled them out of the box. My first reaction was that they are sturdier than bobby pins, but each box only has two pins in it.

Spin Pins out of the Box

Just two?

I didn’t have a mirror in front of me when I opened them up (I was sitting on the couch) but I decided to play with them anyways. I was IMMEDIATELY pleased with them! All of the following hair styles were achieved using only two spin pins, and were done without a mirror! Big shout out to my husband for taking picture after picture of the back of my head 🙂

Half Up

Spin Pins Half Up Chignon

Traditional Chignon

Traditional Chignon/Bun

Ballerina Bun

Ballerina Bun

Keep in mind that my hair is just past my shoulders right now AND it is layered, so I end up having little bits of hair pop out here and there. The hair DOES stay up tightly though, even if it doesn’t LOOK super clean or secure. I have since found that some hair wax or hair spray can easily be used to tuck in the strays.

Double Bun

Double Bun

Messy Side Bun

Messy Side Bun

I started getting creative to see how well the spin pins would hold. My messy side bun held even though the hair wasn’t spun tightly, but they didn’t hold as well. Creating two smaller buns was also cute, and, even though only one spin pin was in each bun, they still held. I did have to fool with the placement of each pin, however, to make sure they were in the “prime spot” to secure each chignon.

As you can see, there are more than just the three styles advertised on the box. I have had a LOT of fun playing with the Spin Pins and now keep a set in my car, and a set in my purse for those days I need to throw my hair up but haven’t planned on it. Bottom line: I HIGHLY recommend buying a set and checking them out. They are worth the money!

You can find more information at, on their Facebook page, and through their Twitter feed.